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     Green Valley Financial Corp.


788 Antiquity Dr Ste 808
Fairfield CA 94534

Tel number: (650) 333-9891
Fax : (707) 863-92-68

email: GreenValleyFC@comcast.net




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Email GreenValleyFC@comcast.net for comments, suggestions or inquiries. 


As our company continues to grow, we are constantly in need of experts in the marketing industry to handle our ever-growing inventory across the country.

As part of this expansion, we are looking for
who will be tasked to handle the marketing activities of the company.
Interested parties may simply call us at
(650) 333-9891 anytime or click here to send e-mail.

Make the intelligent career move now! Join the country's largest real estate company with exceptional development projects throughout the country like golf courses, resorts, high-rise condominiums etc

invites all highly qualified individuals who are


Why Join Green Valley Financial Corp.?

Although personal success depends mainly on the efforts that you put in, having the necessary support from people around you will go long way in helping you to achieve your goals. Green Valley gives such support best. Working with successful people allows you to learn from the professionals. They also give you the incentive to achieve as mush as, or even more than, what they have reached.

Green Valley is dynamic. We give you room to grow. And provide numerous opportunities to develop your career and reach the income level you desire. Plus the benefit of developing your own skills in marketing, leadership and personal interaction. With innovative ideas and strategies, Green Valley's key officers provide expertise and efficiency in the face of stiff competition. Many of those who have grown with the company are witnesses to this fact.

Green Valley offers abundant and quality inventories. All Green Valley projects are choice locations. Projects are thoroughly studied, planned and expertly manages before these are finally marketed. Constant activity enables the company to add to our inventories, thereby assuring our people of continuous opportunity for growth and success. And to our clients, various modes of investment.

Green Valley delivers its promises. Our projects are realistically ready for selling, with schedules duly noted and followed. Real estate inventories are chosen according to the kind of development they offer and the conveniences that they can provide our clients. Also, most of our subdivisions are at pre- development prices, thus ensuring better investment opportunities for clients.

Manager Trainee are also Welcome!

  • Free Training, Seminars and GuidanceThat would provide you with that you need to set up your own business.
    • Basic Product Orientation for you and your people.
    • Advance Selling Skills Technique for your people.
    • Management Development Courses
  • High Earning Opportunity. That will make you and your people happy.
    • High Start Up Commission Rate
    • High incentives and Sales Promo
  • All-Out Company SupportThat would help your group to sell.
    • Free Sales Materials
    • Company Sponsored Sales and Marketing Activities (Saturation, Exhibits, Investors Day, and Open Houses.

Please apply for interview at: 788 Antiquity Dr Ste 808     Fairfield CA   Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, look for Ray Urbino or call Cellphone No. 650-333-9891 Please bring your resume and 2 x 2 photo. Come in business attire.

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